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i wish i could be |Vent art| by Isanacko i wish i could be |Vent art| :iconisanacko:Isanacko 2 2 Kelpie|Squib by Isanacko Kelpie|Squib :iconisanacko:Isanacko 16 16 NCH| Hazel bunny| by Isanacko NCH| Hazel bunny| :iconisanacko:Isanacko 7 1 Map background by Isanacko Map background :iconisanacko:Isanacko 8 0
NCH|Short story|When predator becomes prey
When predator becomes prey

Word count: 1571
pp earned: 5 pp
Hazel padded though the forest.  Enjoying the feeling of the wind in her fur and the snowy ground under-paw.  It was invigorating to be in her wolf form again.  After spending almost, the entirety of 4 months in it to almost none.  She was happy to feel all fur and teeth once more.  To have all her scenes back and working full speed.  She sighed.  Taking in a deep breath full of the first scents of dusk.  The air was cooling even more so as the sun set.  Hazel picked up the familiar scents of fox and yote.  Along with rabbit and- she shook out her muzzle, snorting as the looming smell of skunk flitted around her nose.  Hazel decided to head in the opposite direction.  Instead vouching to head toward the clearing she loved so much.  She picked up speed headed int
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 4 0
NCH|RP|Boy meets girl (part 2)
Boy meets girl (part 2)

Daemian: Nobody
Hazel: Nobody
Word count: 5 267
Pp earned: 5 each
Daemian nodded slightly as she talked. Left for dead? That I can relate to, more than I'd like. He wished he could forget. To forget shutting for him was impossible. He could recall anything vividly as if it has just happened. It was useful in some instances like forging notes or recalling training lessons however, traumatic things stayed too. There were times when they came in handy too but he swore he'd not go there again. "Mmm, I'm not sure what the translation is in English. Rose tea, banana, anything with mint or cinnamon, ginger tea. maeshil. Really, herbal tea in general I suppose. You?"
Hazel’s gaze softened again. ”Mmm, Almond, Lemon, Peach, I make herbal teas to, there’s a huge green house on my families property. So many plants I don’t think I could count them all, Healing plants, t
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 4 0
NCH|RP|Boy meets girl (part 1)
Boy meets girl (part 1)
Daemian: lizzy5651119 
Hazel: Isanacko
Word count: 10 224
Pp earned: 10 each
Hazel stood outside the door of her fist class. She looked over the schedule again nervously. This is the Math class im supposed to be at…right? She asked herself. She didn’t want to be one of those students to be late on the first day of her transfer class, even if it was an accident. She picked up her phone from the pile of binders she was carrying and checked the time. 8:20 AM. Great, 10 minutes before class and no teacher here. Just wonderful Hazel thought to herself, if the teacher didn’t arrive until the students did. And if she was in the wrong area, she would have no time to make it to the right room! ”well isent this as peachy as a fricken pear” She muttered to herself checking the room code again. The halls were silent at this end of the building. The school was
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 4 0
Welcome to my page!

[Celeste - Warrior Cats MAP - Complete]
[Velo Cira]
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 2 0
AsR|Warrior|Skybird by Isanacko AsR|Warrior|Skybird :iconisanacko:Isanacko 14 0
NCH|RP|Touching base
Touching base
Cecil- Ana-Mizuki 
Liz- xZethanyx 
Hazel- Isanacko 
Word count: 6380
pp earned: 6pp each
It had to be emphasised, he was not in a hurry. He could not show his fear, he was to move smoothly and clearly and effortlessly like a shadow. Which is why Cecil stumbled to Liz's trailer in a tall and scared heap, banging on the door harder than he wanted to. Praying to God above that she was still alive. He needed to place Hazel in a protected space, out of his hands. He was going to die anyway, she shouldn't go with him.
Hazel stood beside Cecil, still shaken about the recent developments that had enveloped Newcresthill. 6 more dead, 5 of them were wolves, 3 of them were fellow pack members, and one of them the aunt to the alpha and the mother to Liz's boyfriend Olenader. It had all happened to fast, one moment Hazel had been asleep in her den, the next, she was in human form with a back pack slumped over her back barley registeri
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 5 0
Bouncy Ball 1 Animation Gif by Isanacko Bouncy Ball 1 Animation Gif :iconisanacko:Isanacko 1 2 NCH| Thorne Brymer| Chibi gift by Isanacko NCH| Thorne Brymer| Chibi gift :iconisanacko:Isanacko 10 2 NCH Secret Santa| lolpeaseoutlol| Happy Holidays! by Isanacko NCH Secret Santa| lolpeaseoutlol| Happy Holidays! :iconisanacko:Isanacko 1 3
Home is where the heart is| Reoh and Msanii|SP RP
Home is where the Heart is
Reoh and Msanii
Word count: 3352
Msanii-1907 words- 30 Horns
Reoh-1439 words- 20 Horns
Msanii owned by Isanacko
Reoh owned by  Mistress-Honey
Msanii stretched out in a large bao-bob tree not to far from the canyons, the sky was a tad overcast and the breeze that laced threw the trees was cooler then usual. Msanii flipped over on the branch she was sprawled on and faced away from the wind, allowing the thick leaves to shield her delicate face from being pummelled by sand and twigs that were stirred. She dozed in and out of dreams of prancing after butter flies like a cub. Then Msanii the sound of large pads thumping the ground, what’s a male lion doing this side of Umoja? Msanii asked herself as she raised to her paws and silently existed the tree out into the tall grasses, She glanced over them not quite being able to make out the shape that lay ahead. She continued to prowl closer to him, making su
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 1 11
SavannahPanthera|Msanii|Horn Log|
Msanii's Horn Log|SavannahPanthera
Current Horns count: 95 Horns
Total Horns spent: 0
Total Horns earned: 95 horns
Febuary 2018:
30 horns earned:
20 horns earned:
Novenmber 2017- January 2018:
5 horns earned:
10 Horns earned:
30 Horns earned:
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 0 0
Here when you need me|Nishati and Msanii| SP RP|
Here when you need me
Nishati and Msanii
word count: 1568
Word & Horn count:
Msanii: 820 words-10 horns
Nishati 748-10 horns
Msanii owned by:Isanacko
Nishati owned by:niniHA
So much has happened that left Nishati not feeling so energetic like he used to. He did his best to play it off while around others, but behind that facade was a somewhat sober cub. The defeat of Queen Morowa resulted into a new Queen in Mwanzo, leading to a majority of the pride, including him and his family moving elsewhere. The two friends he made have now dispersed; one still residing in his old home and the other supposedly dead. Adding on to the fact that Ni had to make new friends here just placed him back in square one, and as hard as it shouldn't be for the cub, it was pretty tricky. With his saddened feelings, the cub decided to do a little roaming around the new area. Maybe that will get his spirits up a bit, especially since he was intrigued by
:iconisanacko:Isanacko 1 1


Ribbon Template by mapal Ribbon Template :iconmapal:mapal 99 37 HARPG Character Sheet by decors HARPG Character Sheet :icondecors:decors 143 37 Free Stable Equipment WIP by keeplaughing Free Stable Equipment WIP :iconkeeplaughing:keeplaughing 825 281 Free Race Equipment by keeplaughing Free Race Equipment :iconkeeplaughing:keeplaughing 269 26 Free Horse Stalls Background by SweetLittleVampire Free Horse Stalls Background :iconsweetlittlevampire:SweetLittleVampire 280 145 HARPG Stock - Blanket OR Saddle Rack PSD by Lucid-Dimensions HARPG Stock - Blanket OR Saddle Rack PSD :iconlucid-dimensions:Lucid-Dimensions 38 7 FREE - Shelf / Cabinet Stock PNG by Lucid-Dimensions FREE - Shelf / Cabinet Stock PNG :iconlucid-dimensions:Lucid-Dimensions 167 25 Cork Board by itsmonotune Cork Board :iconitsmonotune:itsmonotune 313 68 Stock Ribbon Set 2 by JNFerrigno Stock Ribbon Set 2 :iconjnferrigno:JNFerrigno 192 20 Stock Ribbon Set 4 by JNFerrigno Stock Ribbon Set 4 :iconjnferrigno:JNFerrigno 123 4 Stock Ribbon Set 1 by JNFerrigno Stock Ribbon Set 1 :iconjnferrigno:JNFerrigno 153 5 Stock Ribbon Set 3 by JNFerrigno Stock Ribbon Set 3 :iconjnferrigno:JNFerrigno 133 9 Stock Ribbon Set 5 by JNFerrigno Stock Ribbon Set 5 :iconjnferrigno:JNFerrigno 354 82 Cork Board by Stockopedia Cork Board :iconstockopedia:Stockopedia 114 40 Reference Sheet - empty vers. by chronically Reference Sheet - empty vers. :iconchronically:chronically 386 93 freelineVER by EMILY-LIGHT-REVI freelineVER :iconemily-light-revi:EMILY-LIGHT-REVI 8 2



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